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Diminished Value of Georgia – Savannah

Why Hire Diminished Value of Georgia?
We're the leading auto appraisal company in the State of Georgia. We specialize in insurance claim appraisals and helping our clients achieve fair compensation for their loss in value claims. By definition, diminished value is the loss in resale value a vehicle suffers after a wreck. In Georgia, regardless of fault, you're entitled to be compensated for this loss in value.

Your vehicle qualifies for Diminished Value reimbursement if:
  • - The vehicle has a cash value greater than $8,000
  • - The Vehicle is 10 years or newer (excluding exotics)
  • - The Vehicle has a clean title (not salvage)
  • - The Vehicle suffered at least $1,500 in damage
  • - The Vehicle did not have a previous accident with greater damage
  • - The Statute of limitations has not yet lapsed

Insurance companies usually use an erroneous formula called 17c.  This formula is not endorsed by the GA insurance commissioner, is not accurate or fair.

We offer Free estimates, so before you accept a settlement offer from the insurance company,allow us to give you a free quote, call 912-349-9744

Thank you for choosing Diminished Value of Georgia for your Auto Appraisal needs.